iSPORT Success Strategy

The iSPORT approach integrates the techniques of progressive medical treatment, successful rehabilitation, and strength training, all while maintaining the benefits of continued forward momentum. Beginning with an analysis of how you desire to perform, the iSPORT team determines your optimum path to maximum performance and rapid recovery. Whether rehabilitating from injury or strengthening to prevent it, each individual receives a customized prescription for progressive strength training and injury reduction. Each plan is built on the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal physical goals.

We have brought injured, active individuals and competitive athletes through the healing process and beyond. Our objective is to maximize strength levels by training your entire body, resulting in a stronger, physically fine-tuned and emotionally charged individual.

iSPORT recognizes that you stand the best chance of being successful by avoiding injury entirely. Our programs focus on evidence-based information and performance techniques that help to limit or reduce injury.

Testimonial: Jake Blauvelt

"Tyler’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and even if you come into the gym a little sluggish, you’re guaranteed to leave radiating with stoke. I drive 3 hours to train with Tyler because I have come to realize there is no one like him around. He’s constantly striving to learn the latest and greatest techniques, and has the experience and know how to tweak exercises to better suit his clients. What I value most in our workouts is how dynamic he makes them and never leaves out the link between body and mind, making it a completely holistic workout. There is no doubt that he is very passionate about his work and keeps training sessions fun and entertaining all while being extremely effective. I’ve been working with Tyler for 6 years now and can honestly say I’ve never had a bad session. Thank you T, for always giving it %110 and having no mercy during workouts and on the ping pong table."