iSPORT Rates


Reconditioning is an extension of rehabilitation. It is the phase between early rehabilitation and the return to full participation in your sport or activity. iSPORT reconditioning programs focus on strength training principles by utilizing creative, sport-specific movements to build a better athlete while respecting the healing process of their injury/surgery. This helps the individual return to their sport or activity at a higher level of performance with the strength and confidence to excel.


iSPORT believes that performance training and injury prevention go hand-in-hand. We provide the individual with a multi-disciplinary program that draws on our experience in creating reconditioning and strength training methods that deliver both. Our programs are designed to create a direct correlation between performance training and the individual’s specific sport or chosen activity. All programs begin with a thorough explanation to ensure safe implementation and provide a foundation for continued physical development.


Services Offered: Performance Training or Reconditioning After Injury

  • Single Visit $125.00
  • Multi Visit (2 — 4) $100 per visit
  • Multi-Visit (5 — 8) $90 per visit
  • Multi-visit (9 — 12) $85 per visit
  • Additional 4-week written program $50
  • Additional 8-Week written program $75

Each package includes a Dart Fish Video and 4-week written program
Each training session is 75 minutes


Services Offered: Performance Training

  • 10 sessions (3-7 people) $300 per person
  • 10 sessions (8-12 people) $200 per person


  • 10% discount with full payment up front.
  • 100% payment required at first session.

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