Tyler White • 5 Questions for iSPORT’s training coordinator

Tyler White is THE MAN at iSPORT Training. He will work you, push you, motivate you, and ultimately transform you into the best physical being you knew you could become. We thought that a handful of questions about why he does what he does and what it’s like being an athletic trainer would give you some insight on the man with an athletic plan for you.

What school(s) are you covering and what teams are you working with?
: I am currently working as the athletic trainer for Rutland High School and Killington Mountain School here in Vermont. I am also training individual athletes from Middlebury College, Dartmouth College, Castleton University, Bates College, Williams College, and other local ski academies.

What made you want to become an Athletic Trainer?
: I have always been interested in the medical field. My mother worked for an orthopaedic surgeon when I was young and that sparked my interest. When I reached high school, I became interested in physical therapy. When deciding on a college, my biggest concern was playing hockey, and Castleton University was the place I could play. They did not have Physical Therapy as a major, but I was told athletic training was similar. Once I figured out what athletic training was while taking the introductory class I fell in love with the field. Ever since that moment I wanted to be an athletic trainer.

What is your favorite aspect of being at Athletic Trainer?
: The thing I like most about being an athletic trainer is being active and helping others to continue to be active. I love to move, and helping other be able to complete, perform, and do all the physical things that they strive to do is what brings me joy in this profession.

What is one challenge you face as an Athletic Trainer?
: One of the challenges of being an athletic trainer is being in two places at once. There are many teams and athletes that I work with that are spread out over a fairly wide geographic area. This can be challenging from time to time. I try my best, but find proper scheduling to be the most effective way of working this issue out positively.

What sports do you like to play? What sports do you like to watch?
: I love playing pretty much any and all sports. My go-to sports recently have been hockey and golf. I really like games and sports that require skill and coordination, not that I have a lot of it. Sports I enjoy watching on TV are golf and hockey. The sport that I really enjoy watching in person is baseball. One of my favorite things to do is travel to and watch major league or minor league baseball.