iSPORT repairs, rebuilds and enhances the athlete by providing immediate access to an outstanding team of renowned surgeons, sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and rehab specialists.

iSPORT is committed to the support of the athlete’s goal of achieving personal success. The iSPORT team designs and delivers training and treatment programs using the most advanced evidence-based sports medicine and surgical techniques available. iSPORT’s after-injury and after-surgery programs are committed to principles of early controlled motion, progressive sport-specific balance and strength training, and performance enhancement programs all while honoring the time sensitive envelope of healing. The iSPORT team creates individually focused return to work, play, and competition strategies concentrating on proper movements, power, strength, endurance, and injury reducing tactics. The iSPORT team works to motivate and support the athlete in the achievement of his or her goals—and beyond.

Strategy for Success

The iSPORT approach integrates the techniques of progressive medical treatment, successful rehab, and strength training, balanced with the understanding of an athlete’s need to maintain forward momentum. “Wait and see” is not an acceptable option for the serious athlete. Time off is time wasted. Beginning with careful analysis of how the “machinery” performs—movement, strength, stamina, and focus—the iSPORT team determines the athlete’s best path to maximum performance and rapid recovery. Whether rehabilitating from injury or strengthening to prevent it, each athlete receives an individualized prescription for progressive strength training and injury reduction. Each plan is built on the most effective and efficient way to achieve personal athletic goals.


The iSPORT concept was built of two entities sharing a commitment to the health and performance of athletes: the physicians who heal and the trainers who rebuild. Together, they deliver every physical advantage to achieve maximum performance. This individual, integrated, intelligent, intensive approach became iSPORT, a focused program of injury treatment and strength training that honors the time-sensitive envelope of healing the mind and body.

Reducing the Risk of Injury

iSPORT recognizes that an athlete stands the best chance to be successful by avoiding injury altogether. iSPORT offers thoughtfully planned programs focused on evidence-based information that help to limit or reduce injury.


The iSPORT concept is not about the quick fix or fast promise. iSPORT’s success is qualified by the hundreds of athletes whose performance accelerated as a result of iSPORT’s insightful methodology, progressive medical approach, and dedication to the athlete.

The Team responsible for this success is comprised of orthopaedic surgeons, emergency medical physicians, sports medicine specialists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning specialists. The collective synergy of iSPORT’s world-class professionals means athletes receive the most advanced, evidence-based care available.